How To Turn Off An iPhone XS

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Learn the simple steps to power off your iPhone XS with our easy guide. Discover how to identify your device model, the differences from iPhone 7, and turn off your iPhone XS effortlessly.
How To Turn Off An iPhone XS

Imagine trying to turn off your newly bought iPhone XS only to encounter difficulties in doing  so, because the model is probably not the same as others you’ve previously used. This could be quite frustrating as turning off a phone should be one of the easiest things to do on a phone. This article provides a guide to turning off iPhone XS

Which brand makes iPhones?

Apple Inc., otherwise known as Apple designs, manufactures and markets iPhones. Other hardware products made by Apple Inc. include, Mac and iPad while its software platforms include iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS

How to identify iPhone XS

Go to Settings on the phone, tap on General. At the General page, tap on About. Everything about the phone will display including the model. If the model indicates the phone to be iPhone XS, the phone is certainly that. 


Comparison between iPhone XS and iPhone 7

Apple keeps upgrading their models to suit the trends of modern day technology in order to serve its customers better. Here are key elements that distinguishes iPhone XS from iPhone 7

  • The iPhone was released in 2016 and iPhone XS in 2018.
  • iPhone 7 has a button Touch ID and a fingerprint sensor while iPhone XS has a Face ID 
  • Both have the same button layout, with the power button on the right and two volume buttons on the left.

How to Turn Off Your iPhone XS

To turn off an iPhone XS, it is first assumed that the phone is  “on” at the time the user is trying to turn it off. Firstly;

● Long press any of the volume keys,(the buttons at the right side of the phone ) at the same time with the power button( the long and only button at the right side of the phone)

Source: Quora

  • A picture of the power button and an instruction of “slide power off”will display on the phone


Source: SSCricket

  • Carefully drag the power button to the right and your phone is turned off. 


In a bid for Apple Inc., to upgrade and keep its iPhones up to date with times and technology, new features conflict with older ones and mostly bring a change to its devices’ usage. One of those conflicts is in turning off an iPhone as mentioned in the case of an older version(iPhone 7) and an improved model (iPhone XS). Detailed steps have been enumerated in order to aid the iPhone XS user turn off the device at ease.

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