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Content that Engages, Informs, and Converts.

Precision-crafted content, strategic business writing, engaging narratives, and foundational writing education—all delivered with excellence. Explore our spectrum of writing services tailored to meet your diverse needs.

Content Creation & Strategy

Unlock the power of words with tailored content that speaks to your audience. From blogs to e-books, we craft narratives that inform, entertain, and engage.

Creative & Scriptwriting

Stories that captivate and scripts that come alive. We write to entertain, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact on every reader or viewer.

Business & Technical Writing

Communicate with clarity and precision. Our expertise extends to professional business plans, reports, technical manuals, and documentation that convey complex information simply.

Writing Training & Workshops

Sharpen your pen with Lady Prowess. Our training sessions and workshops are designed to equip new writers with the tools and techniques for a successful writing career.

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Our mission

Turn Ideas into Reality

We empower your voice with exceptional writing services. We blend creativity with strategy to craft compelling content across various disciplines, ensuring every word advances your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Lady Prowess offers a diverse range of writing services to cater to different needs, including copywriting, scriptwriting, ghostwriting, content writing, creative writing, and academic writing. Our expertise is tailored to match your unique requirements.

After initial contact, we discuss your project to understand your vision and goals. We then match you with a skilled writer who best fits your project’s needs. Throughout the process, we ensure open communication and revisions to achieve the best results.

I provide writing services that encompass a broad spectrum of needs, from the analytical precision of technical manuals to the narrative flair of creative fiction


The Best Solutions for Our Clients

Our pricing plans are designed to offer flexibility and value to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to expand your content’s reach, we have a plan that fits.

Basic Plan


Standard Plan


Premium Plan


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Content Creation & Strategy

Get your message out there in the best way. Our Content Creation & Strategy service helps you make great content that speaks in your brand’s unique voice. We know how to create stuff that grabs your audience’s attention. We plan carefully and choose the right words to make sure your online stuff really shines. From writing articles to making buzz on social media, we’re here to help your brand be the star.

Creative & Scriptwriting

Bring your stories and ideas to life. With our Creative & Scriptwriting service, we turn your thoughts into stories that capture people’s hearts. Whether it’s for a movie, a play, or online, we create characters and tales that people feel a connection with. If you’ve got a story in mind, we can help you write it in a way that really speaks to people.

Business & Technical Writing

Speak clearly and get to the point. Our Business & Technical Writing service gives you the papers and guides that help your business run smoothly. We’re good at making technical guides, business plans, and reports. We make sure that the tricky stuff is easy to understand and helps you do business better.

Writing Training & Workshops

Write better with our Writing Training & Workshops. We offer classes that are made just for you, to make your writing better. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for fun or for work, our workshops are fun and will teach you how to write better. We cover everything from basic skills to fancy writing tricks. Join our workshops to start writing better today.

Basic Plan

At only $50, our Basic Plan is perfect for those just dipping their toes into the content pool. Ideal for small projects and brief content pieces:

  • Craft concise, impactful short-form content up to 500 words.
  • Benefit from one round of revisions to fine-tune your message.
  • Note: SEO Optimization and Multiple Format options are not included in this starter pack.

Standard Plan

Priced at $150, the Standard Plan offers a balanced blend of quantity and quality for growing businesses:

  • Enjoy the flexibility of two writing styles to suit diverse content needs.
  • Expand your reach with 1000 words per piece, perfect for blog posts and articles.
  • Enhance your visibility with SEO Optimization included.
  • Refine your content with two revisions for that perfect finish.
  • Please note, Multiple Formats are not available with this plan.

Premium Plan

Our top-tier Premium Plan is set at $250 for those who demand excellence and variety in their content:

  • Select from five writing choices to cover all your content demands.
  • Go in-depth with comprehensive pieces, each up to 2000 words.
  • Boost your SEO game with optimization included in every piece.
  • Perfect your vision with up to three revisions.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of receiving your content in Multiple Formats.